The core of people-oriented science and technology

Enterprise from the beginning of the start-up,will adhere to the people-oriented,science and technology,the core of scientific concept of development,has established the talent training,training and reserve management system,so that each employee of the hetian,have a chance to receive education and training, are valued and promotion opportunities。 In the selection and use of people, not just focus on their previous education and work background, pay more attention to its development potential, relying on talent training mechanism of company system, has trained a group have the knowledge, energetic, and more energetic people, they now has a good performance in their respective positions, while also supporting the implementation of flexible employees promoted employment mechanism, to employees of the hetian to build a fair competition environment and the stage.

We know that the enterprises should such an emerging high-tech industry benign and sustainable development, must grasp the core talented person and technology, new industries lack most is new in this field of high-end talent, we formulated the strategy。on the one hand, rely on internal vertical management system of personnel training, developing their own talents; on the other hand, at the same time, in cooperation with external research institutes and collaboration, including research and development of new products, new technology, training personnel, so that not only the effective use of external resources to fill within the enterprise research and development ability is insufficient, and they are invisible to the enterprise research and development team to instill a new technology and knowledge, make internal research and development team a wide field of vision, improve the ability of research and development, reflects the multiple effects.

The company has a good mentality of decision-making for the project investment, know in research and development of new technologies, new products have no long-term, sustained and effective input, is not going to bring the last fruitful achievements of science and technology and wide for the sustainable development of the future vision of the enterprise. So, the company invested in research and development is based on the two leg walking strategy,in the aspect of hardware investment is to build a larger, well-equipped r&d center with various test experiment。 Investing in software, one is the introduction of talent, technology and to go out to study, two is to establish the fast green channel for examination and approval in the project approval process, fast evaluation and project evaluation, the special funds allocated. To keep developers good working enthusiasm, but also to eliminate the blind random shots cause unnecessary waste of limited resources, make enterprise internal resources including funds, personnel and equipment can be the most effective use of.

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