Domestic salesman
Job Title:
Domestic salesman
Number of Hiring:
Work Place:
Changzhou UPE Power Equipment Co., LTD.
zhonglou district, changzhou, jiangsu province XinZha 11 building science and technology industrial park, Kowloon City Road No. 2188
Job Responsibilities:

1. Achieve the quantized job requirement by superior leadship and supervision as well as independently solution.
2. Open market for the potential customers as the target.
3. Sign the sale’s contract, direct, coordinate, check any concerned account and record, assist the transportation, etc. 
4. Solve the complain regarding to sales and services.
5. Propose any guidance for the R&D of products,from the demand of sale and customers.

Job Qualifications :

1. Community collage degree or above, major in science & engineering, marketing, etc.
2. Be prior the one with two years sale experience or above.
3. Have strong marketing experience and skills, well know open marketing channel.
4. Good at communicating, teamwork, coordinating and leading.
5. Strong willing to get success.

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