Technical Supervisor
Job Title:
Technical Supervisor
Number of Hiring:
Work Place:
Changzhou UPE Power Equipment Co., LTD.
zhonglou district, changzhou, jiangsu province XinZha 11 building science and technology industrial park, Kowloon City Road No. 2188
Job Responsibilities:

1.responsible for development, introduction and application of new technologies and new product
2.sponsible for the company's technical checks, management,research and development
3.coordinating all matters of technology department with others
4, assisting technical director to improve the company's products technical specifications.

Job Qualifications :

1. more than 5 years of working experience in computer, communications, machinery or
 related professional graduates for bachelor degree or above ; more than three years of working
 experience, in power electronics or power master degree,
2.more than three years of experience in technology development team collaboration, can be a good grasp of project progress control, protect and ensure the timely completion of development plans the quality of work;
3.with a high sense of responsibility, with excellent emergency response capabilities and problem-solving skills;
4.master basic computer knowledge and skill in using office software and drawing tools (AUTOCAD, etc.);
5.honestly, responsible, proactive work;

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