Operations Manager
Job Title:
Operations Manager
Number of Hiring:
Work Place:
Changzhou UPE Power Equipment Co., LTD.
zhonglou district, changzhou, jiangsu province XinZha 11 building science and technology industrial park, Kowloon City Road No. 2188
Job Responsibilities:

1.Be responsible for operation and management of T-mall store, setting operation scheme and goals,and executing strategies.
2.According to the sales target, develop resource plan, activity plans,promotion plan and check the implementation situation.
3.Be responsible for the daily data, including traffic, click-through rate, reversion rate, and other re-purchase rate and form reports by tables ,then offer suggestions for improvement.
4.Be able to decorate the T-mall shop,and design the informations of the productions and fomulate the brand by analyzing the needs of customers.
5. Be able to analyze user‘s experiences, business process and team performance and offer suggestions for improvement.
6.Be responsible for plans and executions of the activities ,and promations of the T-mall, and be responsible for resources planning, development, execution of all cooperation resources.
7.Be able to formulate and execute the technical solutions and implementation plans of the shop.
8.Good at managing and encouraging colleagues of the team.
9.Can plan the development of the T-mall shop.
10. Responsible for team building and management of store operations.

Job Qualifications :

1.Be familiar with domestic e-commerce, got tertiary and higher education, with more than two years of operational and management experience mall stores; Be familiar with each department operations management architecture,  the job of work, capable of controlling and guiding the work of the various positions.
2.Have common beliefs for the future development of e-commerce; Be familiar with marketing tools and Web Promotion of TAOBAO.Be able to use all kinds of tools to popularize the shop; Be familiar with the situation as well as various community resources available of TAOBAO.
3.Have team spirit, strong communication skills and team management skills,proficient in the use of Word, Excel and other common office software
4.Persons with experiences of operating electronic products industry will be preferred.

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