Software Engineer
Job Title:
Software Engineer
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Work Place:
Changzhou UPE Power Equipment Co., LTD.
zhonglou district, changzhou, jiangsu province XinZha 11 building science and technology industrial park, Kowloon City Road No. 2188
Job Responsibilities:

1.Investigation of chip function(CPU,layer2/3swithch,GE-PON,VDSL,WIRELESS LAN),chip testing and appraisal
2.R&D of software in related drive program of hardware, internet protocol, abstract layer of plug-in type system software.
3.Responsible for the design and development of intelligent equipment software.
4.Responsible for the development of WINCE software.
5.teract and work with testing and hardware engineer, to ensure thatthe performance indexes meet the product requirements.

Job Qualifications :

1.Software engineering, computer or related  undergraduate degree or above. More than 2 years work experience, with a power electronic products (such as switching power, inverter, converter, motor control) work experience is preferred
2.Basis for Hardware design, familiarize with the principles of electronic devices, understand the basic principle of switching power
3.Proficiency in various types algorithm of inverter and motor control, programming according to the product function and performance requirements.
4.Proficiency in using TI,ST,PIC processor, Simulator and its programming environment
5.Proficiency in using C language programming, constructing the function module,power closed-loop system.
6.Cooperative, active, highly efficient

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