Home solar generators and regional scope

2015-01-27 16:45:08

Home solar generators for domestic and foreign jurisdictions; general scope of urban household electricity, household electricity in rural areas, low-power field of electricity, telecommunications electricity, general security of electricity, require uninterrupted power place. Small household solar generator power generator on a resident's family used mainly in solar powered appliances, electricity, supplemented by way of:
1, mainly solar power-based, supplemented by the mains supply, in the case of solar energy can not fully supply into the mains supply;
2, the output voltage of the solar 220V, solar power DC voltage is 12V. Driven by common load to ensure the use of time for two days generating capacity. If the battery runs out of power on cloudy days in a row, will be converted to the use of electricity.
3, engineering, installation, electrical equipment in accordance with the relevant requirements of the installation. Note; the product can be designed into the case when the solar light enough to automatically switch to the mains power supply.

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