Introduce the principle of solar street light

2015-01-07 16:43:10

Solar street lights Ethernet sunlight for power, charging throughout the day and night use, with no complex and high-priced pipeline laying, the layout can be adjusted lighting, safety, clean energy, with out manual operation steady and trustworthy, maintenance-free to save electricity.

The principle is very hassle-free solar street lights, the usage of photovoltaic effect principle produced solar panels through the day to get solar radiation into electrical energy output, after charge and discharge controller is stored in batteries at evening when the illumination progressively lowered to about 10lux, Changsha photosynthetic solar panels open circuit voltage of about four.5V, charge and discharge controller detects the voltage worth soon after the action, the battery to discharge lamp. After eight.five hours of battery discharge, charge and discharge controller action, the battery discharge finish. The primary role should be to safeguard the charge controller batteries.

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