The characteristics of the solar

2015-03-26 16:48:44

1,solar inexhaustible. It is estimated that the year is projected onto the Earth's solar heat energy equivalent to 137 trillion tons of coal produced, about a year around the world using a variety of energy sources two times the energy produced.
2, the solar energy conversion process does not produce endanger the environment.
3, solar energy resources throughout the world, can be distributed to regional exploitation. About two-thirds of the region can better use of solar energy resources.
4, the photovoltaic power generation is intermittent sunshine only power, and power is proportional to the strength of the relationship between the amount of sunlight.
5, the PV is still running, no moving parts, long life, require little or no maintenance.
Six modular PV systems can be installed in a place close to the power consumption in off-grid areas, can reduce transmission and distribution costs, increase reliability of power supply facilities.

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