Solar Controller

2015-03-28 16:50:02

1,Use a microcontroller and dedicated software that enables intelligent control;

2, The use of battery discharge rate characterization accurate discharge control. Discharge voltage is corrected by the discharge curve control points, a simple voltage control to eliminate the over-discharge of inaccuracy, in line with the inherent characteristics of the battery, i.e., different rates have different discharge termination voltage.

3, With overcharge, over discharge, automatic control of electronic short circuit, overload protection, unique anti-reverse protection; more protection not damage any parts, do not burn insurance;

4, Using a tandem PWM charging the main circuit, charging circuit diode voltage loss than the use of the charging circuit to reduce by nearly half, charging efficiency than non 3% -6% PWM high, increasing the power of time; been released to enhance recovery charge, the normal direct charge, floating automatic control mode the system by longer life; at the same time with high precision temperature compensation;

5, Intuitive LED LED indicates the current battery status, allowing users to understand the usage;

6, All control all use industrial-grade chips (only with industrial grade I Controller), to the cold, hot, humid environment to run freely. At the same time the use of crystal timing control, timing and precise control.

7, The abolition of the potentiometer to adjust the control set point, and the use of the E side of the working memory recording control point, the settings digitized, eliminating the vibration due to potentiometer deviation, drift errors such as the control point appears to reduce the accuracy, reliability of factors;

8, Using a digital LED display and settings, one-button operation to complete all settings extremely easy to use and intuitive control of the state's role is the entire system, and played a battery charge protection, over-discharge protection role. In the large temperature difference, the controller should have qualified temperature compensation function. Other additional features such as light control switch, the switch should be the controller options

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