PV pumps and Features

2015-03-30 16:50:46

Also known as solar photovoltaic pump pumps, mainly by photovoltaic pumping inverters and pump components. Specific application, and then with the appropriate power of solar arrays, depending on lift and daily water needs, collectively known as the photovoltaic pumping systems. PV water pumps use energy from the sun lasting, sunrise, sunset and break, no staff to look after, no diesel, no power, can be used with drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, subsurface irrigation applications such as irrigation facilities, water and energy conservation, can significantly reduce the use of fossil energy power input costs. Is the world's "food problem", "energy problem" integrated system solutions for new energy, new technology applications.
Photovoltaic pumping systems fully automatic operation, without human duty, the system consists of a photovoltaic pumping inverters, photovoltaic arrays, pump components. Save out of battery energy storage system and the like, in order to replace electric storage water, direct drive water pumping. Inverter for photovoltaic pumping system operation control and regulate the implementation to achieve the maximum power point tracking. Ensure that the system rated to run when the abundant sunshine, when the lack of sunshine, the lowest operating frequency is set to meet to ensure the full application of solar electricity.
Solar cell array by a plurality of solar cell module strings connected in parallel block, absorb solar radiation energy, convert it to electrical energy, which supply power for the entire system. Carrying water from a deep well pump or in rivers, lakes and other water sources, into the water tank / pond, fountain or direct access to irrigation or other systems. DC pump, AC pumps, centrifugal pumps, axial, mixed flow pumps, deep well pump, etc. can be used.

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