The principle of solar photovoltaic DC pump

2015-04-29 16:53:12

Photovoltaic pumping systems in recent years to develop a rapid electromechanical integration system, which uses the solar power emitted by the maximum power point tracking and conversion, control and other devices to drive DC, permanent magnet, brushless, sensorless, given plastic double rotor induction motor or motors or high-efficiency high-speed switched reluctance motor driven pump efficiency, the water extracted from the depths of the earth's surface to the ground for irrigation or livestock drinking. From design to manufacturing involves multiple disciplines of electrical, mechanical, electrical and electronic, computer, control and other modern technologies for the development of modern agriculture, energy conservation, environmental protection, provides an extremely good means. The system has a good long-term economy, especially with frequent pumping diesel, compared with an overwhelming economic advantage. This new development will undoubtedly saving products for the development of industrial, economic development, especially the development of modern agriculture in arid regions, enormous good economic and social benefits, it is specially designed to meet the construction of "resource-saving" and "environmentally friendly "development strategy of the society.

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