Solar photovoltaic DC pump features

2015-05-04 16:54:05

1. Brush DC photovoltaic pump: Pump work, coils and commutator rotation, magnet and brushes do not turn, alternating coil current direction of the motor rotation with the commutator and brushes to complete, as long as the motor rotating brushes will have to wear, the computer runs the pump to a certain time, carbon brush wear gap becomes larger, the sound will be increases, after hundreds of hours of continuous operation brushless commutation can not play a role. Pros: low prices.
2, photovoltaic pumping brushless motor: brushless DC motor is a brushless DC motor pump after impeller coupled composed. The motor shaft and impeller together, there is between the stator and rotor pumps gap, use a long time the water will penetrate into the motor inside the motor is very easy to burn out. Advantages: brushless DC motor has been standardized, there is a special factory mass production, low cost and high efficiency.
3, brushless DC magnetic drive pump PV: Brushless solar DC pump system with a commutation electronic components, without the use of carbon brush commutation, high-performance wear-resistant ceramic shaft and ceramic sleeve, the sleeve by injection with a magnet together into a whole also to avoid the wear and tear, so Brushless DC magnetic pumps of life is greatly enhanced. Stator and rotor parts of the magnetic part of the pump is completely isolated isolation, stator and circuit board part epoxy potting, 100% waterproof, using a permanent magnet rotor magnet part, the pump body using environmentally friendly materials, low noise, small size, performance stable. You can adjust various parameters required by the stator windings can be wide-voltage operation.

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