Advantages of solar photovoltaic DC water pump

2015-05-05 16:55:12

Long life, low noise up to 35dB below, can be used for hot water circulation. Stator and circuit board part of the motor and the rotor with epoxy potting and completely isolated, can be installed and fully waterproof underwater pumps high-performance ceramic shaft axis, high precision, high shock resistance.
(1) Reliable: Solar power is rarely used moving parts, reliable work.
(2) security, no noise, no other public hazards. Does not produce any solid, liquid and gaseous hazardous substances, absolutely environmentally friendly.
(3) Simple installation and maintenance, low operating cost, suitable for unattended advantages. Especially for its high reliability and much attention.
(4) compatibility, PV can be used in conjunction with other sources of energy, photovoltaic systems can also be easily Capacity needed.
High (5) the degree of standardization, may meet the needs of the different components of the series-parallel power and versatility.
(6) solar energy are everywhere, a wide range of applications.

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