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  • 05.05.2015
    Advantages of solar photovoltaic DC water pump
    Long life, low noise up to 35dB below, can be used for hot water circulation. Stator and circuit board part of the motor and the rotor with epoxy potting and completely isolated, can be installed and fully waterproof underwater pumps high-performance ceramic shaft axis, high precision, high shock re...
  • 04.05.2015
    Solar photovoltaic DC pump features
    1. Brush DC photovoltaic pump: Pump work, coils and commutator rotation, magnet and brushes do not turn, alternating coil current direction of the motor rotation with the commutator and brushes to complete, as long as the motor rotating brushes will have to wear, the computer runs the pump to a cert...
  • 29.04.2015
    The principle of solar photovoltaic DC pump
    Photovoltaic pumping systems in recent years to develop a rapid electromechanical integration system, which uses the solar power emitted by the maximum power point tracking and conversion, control and other devices to drive DC, permanent magnet, brushless, sensorless, given plastic double rotor indu...
  • 28.04.2015
    UK electricity subsidies gradually decline, photovoltaic yields rise, not fall
    Energy Green Business Watch website recently investigated the cost of solar home systems in Britain since 2010 to 2014 period, the electricity savings and government subsidies for electricity, and this analysis.The survey analyzed four years of data at different times of the cost, the price of the c...
  • 30.03.2015
    PV pumps and Features
    Also known as solar photovoltaic pump pumps, mainly by photovoltaic pumping inverters and pump components. Specific application, and then with the appropriate power of solar arrays, depending on lift and daily water needs, collectively known as the photovoltaic pumping systems. PV water pumps use en...
  • 28.03.2015
    Solar Controller
    1,Use a microcontroller and dedicated software that enables intelligent control;2, The use of battery discharge rate characterization accurate discharge control. Discharge voltage is corrected by the discharge curve control points, a simple voltage control to eliminate the over-discharge of inaccura...
  • 27.03.2015
    Applications area
    1, the user of solar power: (1) Compact Power 10-100W range, for remote areas without electricity, such as highland, island, pastoral, border posts and other military and civilian life electricity, such as lighting, television, tape recorders, etc; (2) 3 -5KW family roof and power generation systems...
  • 26.03.2015
    The characteristics of the solar
    1,solar inexhaustible. It is estimated that the year is projected onto the Earth's solar heat energy equivalent to 137 trillion tons of coal produced, about a year around the world using a variety of energy sources two times the energy produced.2, the solar energy conversion process does not pro...
  • 23.03.2015
    solar panels classification
    (1) single-crystal silicon solar cellsPhotoelectric conversion efficiency of silicon solar cells is about 15%, the highest of 24%, which is the highest of all kinds of photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells, but a large production costs, so that it can not be universally used. Due to gen...
  • 29.01.2015
    Performance characteristics of solar power systems
    Do not have to pull the wire set, do not dig up the road, easy to install; independent solar power system time investment, you can ensure that two decades of uninterrupted power supply (batteries need to be replaced is generally 7-8 years); maintenance-free, no pollution.Advantages Analysis: Solar p...
  • 28.01.2015
    Solar power system design factors need to be considered
    Q1, where the use of solar power system? The solar radiation situation?Q2, load power system be?Q3, the output voltage of the system is the amount of DC or AC?Q4, the system needs to work every day, how many hours?Q5, if there is no sunlight in rainy weather, the system needs to continuously supply ...
  • 27.01.2015
    Home solar generators and regional scope
    Home solar generators for domestic and foreign jurisdictions; general scope of urban household electricity, household electricity in rural areas, low-power field of electricity, telecommunications electricity, general security of electricity, require uninterrupted power place. Small household solar ...
  • 26.01.2015
    PV system design
    Before making the PV system design, the need to understand and get some calculation and select the required basic data: PV system on-site location, including location, latitude, longitude and altitude; meteorological data in the region, including the monthly total solar radiation, direct radiation a...
  • 19.01.2015
    Solar power system composition
    Solar power system consists of solar batteries, solar controller, battery (group) components. If the output power to 220V AC or 110V, also need to configure inverter. The role of each part as follows:1. Solar panels: solar panel solar power system in the central part of the solar system, the highest...
  • 07.01.2015
    Introduce the principle of solar street light
    Solar street lights Ethernet sunlight for power, charging throughout the day and night use, with no complex and high-priced pipeline laying, the layout can be adjusted lighting, safety, clean energy, with out manual operation steady and trustworthy, maintenance-free to save electricity.The principle...
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