UPE-SC10/C5000 Solar charger kit
Product Description:

Ultra lightweight, weather-resistant solar panel enables you to charge handheld USB gear. The kit store power in the day and provide power anytime and anywhere. It is suitable for outdoor activities.

Solar panel: 10W     Battery: 5000mAh
Kit includes: SC10, C5000        Cell: Monocrystalline

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· Solar panel direct charging. USB voltage-stabilized output, safe and reliable for charging equipment.

· Automatic wake-up function.  If there is a change in sunlight levels, the equipment will automatically re-start charging without the need to disconnect and reconnect devices.

· Intelligent power management. The solar charger can adjust the current to achieve the fastest charge possible in accordance with changes in sunlight levels.



What It Powers?



Charging Time





UPE-SC10 Solar charger

Solar panel power: 3.5W*3 PET
Output: USB 5V/2A(max.)
Dimensions: 578*230*4mm (unfolded)
                      165*230*23mm  (folded)
Weight: 585g

UPE-C5000 Lithium backup power

Output: 5V/1A,5V/2A
Input voltage range: 4.5V~7.5V
Maximum input current: 2A
Maximum output current: 2.3A
Battery capacity: Lithium-polymer battery 5000mAh
Operating temperature range:-15℃~45℃
Operating Humidity: 0 to 90%
Dimensions: 125mm * 70mm * 12.5mm
Weight: 200g





1. Velcro  2. High effiency solar cell  3. Sling  4. Zipper with double sliders  5. LED Indicator  6. USB Output  7. Storage bag


 1. Battery capacity indicator   2. On/Off key   3. LED flashlight   4. 1A USB output port   5. Micro-USB input port   6. 2A USB output port

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