UPE-C5000 Backup Battery
Product Description:

Storage power and provide power anytime.  C5000 can recharges smartphones, iPad and other USB gear anywhere. It support solar charging by SC7 and SC10.

Output: 5V/1A,5V/2A  Input voltage: 4.5V~7.5V;
Max. input: 2A         Max. output: 2.3A;

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· Dual USB output able to charge two devices at the same time.

· Support solar panel charge.

· Support charging while using. I.e. C5000 charging at the same time  providing power for external equipment.

· Provided with automatic wake-up function. When charging with solar panels, if there is mutation in sunlight, turning on automatically without need for pulling and inserting again.













Output: 5V/1A,5V/2A
Input voltage range: 4.5V~7.5V
Maximum input current: 2A
Maximum output current: 2.3A
Battery capacity: Lithium-polymer battery 5000mAh
Operating temperature range: -15℃~45℃
Operating Humidity: 0 to 90%
Dimensions: 125mm * 70mm * 12.5mm
Weight: 200g




 1. Battery capacity indicator   2. On/Off key   3. LED flashlight   4. 1A USB output port   5. Micro-USB input port   6. 2A USB output port



Q & A

Q: What kind of battery is used within C5000?
A: A 5000mAh polymer lithium battery is used in C5000, which, unlike the ordinary cylindrical lithium battery, is greater in its capacity in the same volume, ensuring no less than 500 deep cycles.

Q: How many Iphones can C5000 charge?
A: C5000 can charge Iphone in completely discharged state for 2.8 times.

Q: Is the time for 2A interface of C5000 to charge the mobile phone half of that for 1A interface?
A:No. 2 A refers the maximum allowable current of the interface. The current size adopted in the mobile phone is determined by its own power management module. Especially 95% to 100% of the electricity is tricklily charged, which is comparatively long in time.

Q: If I have already had a solar panel, whether can I connect it directly to C5000 for charging?
A:Please ensure that the maximum output current of the solar panel should not exceed 1.2A and the voltage should not exceed 7.5V. Excessive input voltage and current will be cut off, so as to protect and prevent the product from any damage.




5w pack.jpg

A: SC5    B: C5000     C: cloth bag     D: sucker     E: cable

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