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Distributed photovoltaic power generation system-UPE takes you to know


Distributed solar power generation refers to a solar power generation facility that is built near the user's site, operating in a self-contained mode on the user's side, and the excess power is sold to the grid for Internet, with the characteristic of balance adjustment in distribution system.

Distributed photovoltaic power generation follows the principles of adapting to local conditions, clean and efficient, decentralized layout, and nearby utilization, making full use of local solar energy resources to replace and reduce fossil energy consumption.

Distributed photovoltaic power generation refers specifically to a distributed power generation system that uses solar modules to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. It is a new type of power generation and comprehensive utilization of energy with broad prospects for development.

Distributed photovoltaic power generation advocates the principle of nearby power generation, nearby grid connection, nearby conversion, and nearby use principles, which can not only effectively increase the power generation capacity of photovoltaic plants of the same scale, but also effectively solve the problem of power loss during boosting and long-distance transportation.

t present, the most widely used distributed photovoltaic power generation system is a photovoltaic power generation project built on the roof of an urban building. This type of project must be connected to the public grid and work with the public grid to provide power to nearby users.

Advantages of distributed power plants and their impact on the environment

The closer the power plant is to the user, the lower the power transmission loss and the higher the energy efficiency;

Do not enter the high-voltage large power grid, which has no impact on the safety of the high-voltage large power grid;

Use of existing roof without additional land occupation;

The investment is small and the construction period is short. Users can be investors.

With the construction of distributed power plants, new human landscapes will appear in the area, improving the appearance of the area and beautifying the environment;

Distributed power generation does not consume fossil fuels, and does not emit harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. It is a clean energy source;

Business Model

User types are not limited: enterprises, institutions, factories, commercial buildings, individuals or household users;

Users can choose to make their own full investment and use it on their own. The excess power is merged into the national power grid and the income is self-sufficient;

Collective investment, targeted at township village committees and other government agencies can use investment institutions or commercial platforms to build power plants and sell them to neighboring enterprises and institutions;

UPE participates in investment and joint construction, and can introduce fund companies and bank loans as project funds for common benefits.

Investment Income

The user invests the full amount himself and recovers the principal in about 5.5 years;

Cooperation mode, the principal is recovered in about 6 years.

Requirements our partners need to meet

Have a good roof or a good construction site;

The power generated by the roof can be completely digested by the user during the day;

Users are operating well and can pay their electricity bills on time.