Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are powered by solar batteries, maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed batteries (gel batteries) or lithium batteries to store electrical energy, and super bright LED and other energy-saving lamps as light sources, they are controlled by intelligent charge and discharge controllers to replace traditional electricity Illuminated street lights.

Technical advantages

1.Easy installation: no auxiliary lines are needed, no wires need to be installed, no excavation work is needed, no power cuts and power cuts are required.

2.Less investment: Because the line is simple, no maintenance costs are incurred, and no expensive electricity costs are incurred.

3.Good safety performance: It adopts 12-24V low voltage, stable voltage, reliable operation, no hidden dangers, and no accidents such as electric shock and fire.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: Solar energy is used to provide electrical energy, which is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. No pollution, no noise, no radiation.

5.Long life: Solar lights mainly use new energy-saving lights such as LED, which have a much longer life than ordinary electric lights.

Solar Street Light