All-in-one solar street light


All-in-one solar street light (also called solar integrated street light / yard light) is composed of high-efficiency solar panels, ultra-long-life lithium batteries, high-efficiency imported LED, and intelligent controllers, as well as PIR human sensor modules and anti-theft mounting brackets. The advantages of Angel Eye All-in-one Solar Street Light are simple installation, light weight, and installation can be completed in 5 minutes.


       Light when no one is there / All light when someone is there

Product Features

● Monocrystalline Solar

Strong hardness, low loss, good tightness, service life up to 25 years

● Highlight LED light beads

Professional lens, low power, high brightness, uniform brightness

● Lithium iron phosphate battery

Fast charging, high temperature resistance, large battery capacity

● Sensor

Human body sensor, infrared sensor

Solar Street Light