Distributed solar street light

Solar street light structure


Typical Application

Road Light Series, Solar Street Light, Landscape Light Series, Garden Light Series, Chinese Light Series, High Pole Light Series, Lawn Light Series, Wall Light Series, Pillar Light Series, LED Lighting Light Series, Underground Light / Underwater Light Series



Product Features

●  High-power LED street lights have a long service life, and the light source life span is more than 50,000 hours, which is 5-10 times that of traditional lights.

● Modular design. Easy disassembly and maintenance, saving maintenance costs.

● Light and thin appearance, which can effectively reduce wind resistance, lighten the load on the light pole, and enhance the safety factor.

● Intelligent control, constant current drive, power can be intelligently adjusted as required.

● Less adverse glare and light pollution.

● The working voltage is low, it will not cause the lampshade to become black, aging or yellow, and it is safe and reliable.

● No flicker. Pure DC operation eliminates visual fatigue caused by traditional street light strobe.

● Impact resistance, strong shock resistance, no filament and glass shell, no problem of traditional light fragmentation.

● Various color temperatures are available. Can meet the requirements of color temperature in different occasions.

● Green and environmentally friendly. Does not contain lead, mercury and other polluting elements, and has no pollution to the environment.

Solar Street Light