Solar Pump System

UPE solar pump system includes AC pump system and DC pump system. They are mainly composed of solar pump controller, water pump and solar modules. The solar modules in the system directly drive the pump to lift water, and the device has high reliability and high power, and greatly reduces the construction and maintenance costs of the system. The solar pump controller controls and adjusts the operation of the system, and the DC power generated by the solar array is driven by the solar controller to drive the water pump, and adjusts the output frequency in real time according to the change of the sunshine intensity, and tracks the maximum power point to ensure high-efficiency output of the system.


Brushless solar pump features

1)High Reliability

Independent MPPT(maximum power tracking) control system, make the pump always maintain the max. output power, ensure the max. water output;

Independent inverter control system, can more quickly and accurately make data processing and control, high-speed online voltage stability;

The system has over voltage, under voltage, load short circuit, overload protection, etc.

2)Isolated, pure sine wave technology

  Advanced frequency conversion technology, IGBT module to make the work more reliable.

3)Advanced MPPT Algorithm

MPPT technology is a method of max. power tracking control, in order to always run I - V characteristic curve of the max. power point, ensure the solar panel under different environmental conditions remain the state of the most high power output value, compared with the general solar charge controller, can improve the efficiency of solar energy conversion.

4)LED display, intuitive LED flow and status display;

5)Ultra-wide Input RangeMPPT control system adopts PWM technology, which can withstand the max. open circuit voltage of solar panels.Product input with efficient online synchronous voltage regulator technology, input 350-750VDC.


UPE uses the unique technology of black box which integrates the controller, combiner box for PV array and remote control system. This facilitates customer installation dramatically. Customer can complete the installation only by plug in and out activities.


UPE solar pump system uses photovoltaic power generation technology to solve the power supply problem in remote areas without electricity. The initial investment is not only far lower than the long distance erection of transmission lines. Moreover, the water supply system can operate stably, it is mainly used in agriculture and forestry irrigation, desert governance, grassland livestock, urban waterscape, seawater desalination, domestic water and other fields. This system will play an active role in promoting agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry production, improving the quality of life and ecological environment, and ensuring social stability and harmony.


Solar Pump