Industrial and commercial photovoltaic power plant

We have a comprehensive one-stop solution that can maximize customer investment returns through flexible cooperation models such as customer self-investment, power discounts, and roof leasing.


Application scenario

Industrial and commercial plant roofs, large venues, parking lots, etc.

Cooperation model

a.Own factory cooperation

The roof owner provides the roof with zero investment, enjoys the green electricity preferential price or obtains the roof rental rent.

UPE is responsible for project investment, construction, implementation of subsidies and grid connection.

b.EPC service

The rooftop owner invests in the power plant, holds the property rights of the power plant, and enjoys the power plant income and related subsidies;

UPE is responsible for the general contracting construction and grid connection of the project.

And can assist the owner to apply for a commercial loan for the construction of photovoltaic power plants

Corporate interest

Businesses can try clean power supplies or electricity tariffs or roof rental income for free to reduce corporate energy consumption, achieve energy saving and emissions reduction, alleviate power restrictions in summer, and extend roof life.

System diagram


Distributed power plant