Household photovoltaic power plant

The household photovoltaic system refers to the installation of photovoltaic modules on the top floor of a family house or in a courtyard, using a low-power inverter, which can directly use electricity for the home or integrate excess electrical energy into the grid. The installed capacity covers 3 ~ 50kW, adopts high-efficiency modules, stable photovoltaic inverter technology, and is equipped with intelligent monitoring software, which has superior power generation performance.

System Features

Small installation capacity, simple grid connection process, high state subsidies, and significant benefits.

According to different application requirements, system customized services can also be provided.

Increase roof insulation performance and extend roof life.

Modular design makes installation easier and faster.

Adopt a unified monitoring and management system, with friendly interface, complete functions, and dedicated management to ensure the reliable operation of the system.

System diagram


Distributed power plant